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What is up men, hold which moves here. Welcome back into the channel. Now's January 25th this is a Saturday. I trust everybody is having a good weekend so far. Within this video, we'll be studying Bit-coin and the cryptocurrency industry. So before we jump in the content, then you should do me a tremendous favor. Click the like button.

It helps out the station plus I really, really appreciate it. A fast announcement. The indicator, the subscription model is all back around the site. In the event you want to find the indicator and pay monthly using a credit card, then you certainly can do this. Uh, in the event that you want to pay with Bit coin and also you get 30% discount both for the training class and also the index, therefore ensure to go to the website and check it out.

Now let's do a follow upon our record video clip on Bit-coin. If we're referring to the retest around the 1 hour trend line here, we can see that if we found test the exact main one our trend line and extends division one, we had. I break now it is acting as immunity and as we are recording itwe can observe that we're looking immediately to have above the one hour fashion lineup.

As for the trading from the group, we did needed an extended planning from 83 83 1-5 ostensibly our concentrate on was 8,585 a hundred was because we'd this overhead resistance lineup to the four hour graph or we had been getting a divergence onto the purchase price part. Below. We left a minimal and also a diminished low, and we all can see that people've had the yellowish tide diverging in addition to the price Trinklein on ghost branch three thus that we failed to go into a long standing, took revenue at 8,500 took what the market gave us.

You may see there isn't much going on right today and now I wouldn't expect that. Anything key to happen with Bitcoin at the subsequent 24 to 48 hours, maybe we'll begin seeing some activity as soon as CMS open, however now as it is the weekend, I am not expecting anything crazy to happen with, uh, with the price department for Bitcoin.